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About the translations

Some of the translations on this website have been fully corrected and the other translations have been partially corrected. I decided to try the computer translations in the first place because i thought i had received some ideas which would help people to have a better appreciation of God's love for all of us and i really wanted to tell the whole world about it. I also thought that some of the ideas i got for the Rosary pages would help people have a better understanding of Catholic devotion to Mary. I am not a "writer" and i know that the site could be much much better written. I am very grateful to the people who have corrected many of the pages on this site and i know that they will receive all the reward from God if any people benefit from the translations they correct. Some of the pages are very popular on the net and so if you who are now reading this and can help with any of the translation corrections i will be very grateful and i know that the people who benefit from your work will be very grateful too.

Thanks to the following in the order of the Flags on the pages:
Paolo Albanase for Italian pages.
Marta Szulc from Poland for the Polish pages.
Mario Lossie from Belgium for the Dutch pages.
Fr Petrus from Germany for some German pages.
Juan Marenco from Argentina for some Spanish pages.
Antonio Chambel Leitao and Aline Bortoline for some Portuguese pages.
Anne Marie Naumiak for some French pages.

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