Some thoughts.

When i was a child i believed in Santa Claus until i was about 12 years old but that Christmas Eve i saw my Mum putting the Presents in front of the Fireplace! It was very disappointing, the Magic was gone in life and later when i was 24 I began to believe that God did not exist and i was very disappointed again but i decided to ask God if He existed to help me believe in Him. I was an unwilling atheist! But God has proven Himself to me thousands of times and now i know that God is the real Father Christmas!!! I have seen and experienced so many small and big miracles that i have no doubt whatsoever about God. God will usually not come into our lives unless he is invited. He is so humble!
The articles on this site have been passed by very qualified Catholic priests and can be reprinted and used to help people to have a better understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Food for thought!

Lettuce beetrootful!
Lettuce turn over a new leaf!
Lettuce give good egg-sample!
Lettuce be rootless in evil!
Lettuce not be hard boiled!
Lettuce not make a ham of our short lives!
Lettuce go cold turkey on sin!
Lettuce be busy as a bee for Jesus!
Lettuce be sweet as honey!
Lettuce serve!
Lettuce serve others first!
Lettuce hunger for the Bread of Everlasting Life!
Lettuce be the salt of the earth!
Lettuce pray!
Lettuce endeavour for ever and ever endeavour!

The List

One day i decided to write down all the things i wanted in life from God. I wrote out my list and presented it to God. God seemed very impressed with my list. I made sure to only ask for good things for myself and family. I asked God to let me marry a real nice person, i asked for health for all my family and for the salvation of everyone i know. On my list i wrote "Lord it is not important for us to be wealthy but just never to be in want of the basic necessities". I asked for long healthy life for myself, spouse and children. I did not have many other requests. God smiled and said "Yes child this is a very good list of requests but I want to ask you a few questions ok?" "Yes God go ahead" i said.
God said "Why do you want to marry a nice person?"
I said "Gosh God i don't know, i suppose i would be happy if i was married to a nice person"
God said "Oh I see, you want to be happy, and that is probably the real intention of all the requests on your list is it?"
A bit surprised and after pausing to think for a while i said "Yes God You are probably right"
God said "That's quite natural child but i want to suggest a better idea"
A bit worried i said "Go ahead God, i'm listening"
God said "Why not make this list very simple and just ask Me for Happiness? And then I will give you all the things you need in life to make you really happy, if you trust Me and do things My way then you will be more succesful in bringing all those people you know to Heaven and so many others you do not yet know. And that nice person you want to marry will be there too and they will be really happy too because if we do things My way we can try to bring all their family and everyone they know to Heaven too! And what a party We will all have in Heaven! Yes child Happiness My way is better than Happiness your way. My plans for you are so much greater than your plans. All you need to do is to accept My plans for you and persevere in them."
"Ok God Happiness your way it will be"

Why are people gay?

I have seen many times that gay people seem to be gay because of the way they were brought up. A man i went to school with was a real 'Mammy's boy', (That means his mother swamped him with too much love and affection and in doing so she cut off his father's influence and affection from him). So he was starved of a father's love which left him with a strong attraction to the male sex. But it was only in adolesence that he sexualised this attraction and unfortunately thought that he was gay by nature.

To try and explain this better if a child does not receive affection or love from both father and mother figures in childhood then they are at risk of feeling over attracted to members of the same sex as that missing parent figure. So if the father is emotionally unavailable then a boy might think he is gay in adolesence or if the mother is emotionally unavailable then the boy might be overattracted to girls because they feel starved of that love.

This is not about blaming parents but about helping people to learn from the mistakes of others. Single parents should try and ensure that their children have a a trusted father or mother figure who loves them and communicates that love to them. Many times i have seen that gay men are effeminate and have wondered why they are so? Perhaps because they have been reared by their mother and so they become like their mother in their way of talking and mannerisms. Just as the earth needs the strong Sun and the soft moon so also children need a father and a mother figures to rear them.

Happiness and Vocation

Everyone wants to be happy in life and happiness is the real goal of everything we want in life but unfortunately we think that what we want in life will make us happy but in reality it is what God wants for us in life is where our greatest happiness is. And by doing what God wants us to do will be our greatest happiness because we know we are doing what God wants us to do. Deciding to God's will can be a very painful experience but with it there is the consolation of knowing that we are being good children of God ou Father. We think that if we could have enough wealth or great health or be married to the ideal person we would be really happy and that may be true but it would not be our greatest happiness. Our greatest happiness in life is finding out what God wants us to do in life and then doing that. God loves us and because He created us He knows what will make us truly happy in life. Knowing that we are doing what God wants us to do has a great consolation with it. For some people happiness will be in the single life or the Religious life or the married life. But no matter what life we are called to we will always have little crosses to bear and they will turn into the most stupendous happiness in Heaven. We will have all eternity to spend with God and each other. Our greatest happiness in life is in our vocation.

Jesus saved His Mother

When Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane on Holy Thursday before His passion He was also suffering for the salvation of Mary His Mother. If Jesus did not suffer the passion then Mary would not have received the grace of being conceived free from sin. He was suffering to redeem ALL mankind and part of that was to obtain the grace of her Immaculate Conception for her. Mary knew this and admits this herself when she went to visit Elisabeth and says "My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour". By granting Mary the grace of her Immaculate Conception God was in a sense obliging Himself to redeem mankind. In a sense there was then no turning back for God after He granted Mary the grace of her immaculate conception. He borrowed that grace for Mary from the sufferings and death of Jesus. But Mary more than anybody else must have appreciated what Jesus was going to do for her because she received more mercy than any other person. As she received more than anyone else she loved more than anyone else. Her own knowledge of how much she had been favoured would have made her want to suffer with Jesus which she did to a horrendous degree.

Prodical son, Recession and Swine Flu!

Hopefully we will not have a Swine Flu pandemic in the world and we all need to ask God to spare us from such a disaster. When the Recession became the news topic several months ago i could not but feel that the western world is like the prodical son Jesus spoke about in His tremendous parable (Luke 15:11-32), in which the prodical son went off to a foreign land to spend his newly acquired great wealth in a life of sin and debauchery and then that land experienced a famine. The western world is experiencing a sort of famine now and only God knows the true level of sin which is increasing even more now with pornography more available to everyone than before on the internet. The internet is a great gift from God but as usual mankind corrupts the gifts God gives us. It was only when the Prodical son reached rock bottom and longed to feed himself with the husks the swine were eating that he came to his senses and decided to return to his loving, forgiving and healing Father. So maybe it is not just a coincidence that the world is under the threat of a swine flu because the western world as an immense community has gone far from the path of God.

God is LOVE, God is unconditional LOVE!

God even loves the devil! We know this is true because the devil still exists! The most profound words any being can ever say are "I am" or simply "I exist!" and the worst words that could ever be said about anyone are "He or she no longer exists". So the fact that God continues to sustain the devil in existence for eternity proves that God loves him. God would never take back the gift of existence from any intelligent being and no intelligent being would ever want to not exist. God loves the devil but the devil rejected God and so God in His mercy created a place where he can still exist but not experience God's love for him. And by God's fairness or justice the devil is punished for all the evil he has done and continues to do.
God will probably recreate all the living creatures He has ever created on this planet because death only came into the world through sin so all creatures were created for eternal life in the beginning!



All the oceans are not in the little fish!
No; the little fish is in the Ocean!
So also God is not just somewhere in Creation!
Creation is somewhere in God! (like a tiny drop of water in the ocean!!!)
BUT 2000 years ago it was as if the Oceans entered a little Fish because God became the man Jesus Christ!
Then 33 years later at three o'clock on Good Friday an OCEAN of MERCY BURST from HIS HEART on the CROSS when He died for the WHOLE WORLD!
The early Christians (who were very persecuted) used the symbol of a "Fish" as a symbol of their Christianity (for example on their gravestones) because the Greek word for "Fish" is "ICHTHUS" and the letters of this word can be used to say "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour" : Iesous (Jesus) CHristos (Christ) THeou (God) Uiou (Son) Soter (Saviour).
Fish do not go with the Flow! (Only dead ones do!)
Real Christians swim against the Tide or the river of the world! They are Pro–Life, Pro–Goodness and PRO–GOD!!! and
some still do not eat meat but instead eat Fish on Good Friday! and others do this on all Fridays of the year!
The first Apostles were Fishermen of "Men" and the Church is like a big Fishing Boat which is steered by Peter's successor the Pope, trawling the waves of the World for souls.
Hop on–board if you are not Catholic!!!
Every day at Catholic Mass or Eucharist it is as if the Ocean becomes a Fish
because Jesus the God–Man becomes present under the appearance of Bread and Wine on the Altar.

One God

We know there is ONLY ONE God in existence because HE is so BIG so there is no room in all eternal existence for any other Gods! HE is the source and support of all existence

New Evangelisation

The "New Evangelisation" is about a Person, It is about Jesus the "Divine Mercy"

Divine Mercy

Saint Faustina wrote in her Diary one day: "Jesus looked at me and said, Souls perish in spite of My bitter Passion. I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy. If they will not adore My mercy, they will perish for all eternity. Secretary of My mercy, write, tell souls about this great mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of My justice, is near." (© Diary of St Faustina, 965) Jesus complained to St Faustina one day ( See her Diary paragraph no: 1396 ) " Oh, if sinners knew My Mercy they would not perish in such great numbers."


A lady I know once remarked that Our Lord told someone that "My enemies put a crown of thorns on My head but it is My friends who put the crown of thorns on My heart"

Thanks for your gratitude

Fr Cathal Price said at the Divine Mercy Conference this year that thanks and gratitude are different. Afterwards i was thinking about this and i think the difference is that to truly express gratitude to someone we must be humble and nearly feel a little inferior but not so with saying the word thanks. We can hate someone and still say "Thanks" to them. Saying thanks can be a an act of pride or hatred and not an act of gratitude as it should be. Thanks can be an action to make you feel under compliment or an act of self righteousness. Fr Price spoke of Martha and Mary, and Mary stopped and sat down to listen to Our Lord but Martha kept on working and serving Him when all He possibly wanted was for her to stop and listen to Him. Sometimes service can be dis-service! Maybe Martha wanted that inner feeling of "Now Lord, You are under compliment to me". People who are thankful might never be grateful and people who are grateful might not ever say thanks but their gratitude and appreciation is obvious. Saying Thanks without gratitude is pretence or lies and is like saying sorry without sorrow. When Mary sat down at the feet of Jesus she was doing what God wanted her to do and perhaps Martha knew that God wanted her to do the same but she found good reasons for not doing God's will! Gratitude can make us want to do whatever the other person wants us to do. Saint Faustina in her Diary said that when Our Lord came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday His heart was "saturated with ingratitude". They welcomed Him with songs, smiles and palms under His feet but there must have been little if any gratitude in their hearts for Him. Perhaps they only wanted to use Him to get rid of the Romans and when he didn't do that for them they had no problem crucifying Him a week later. Gratitude is really an act of love.


I like the story of Zachaeus and Jesus. Little Zachaeus climbed into a tree so that he could see Jesus but Jesus must have thought to Himself "One day Zachaeus I will be nailed to a tree so that I may see you with me in Heaven for all eternity!"

Saint Peter and Priesthood!

There are so many Christian Churches who do not have a Priesthood in them and who deny that we should pray and make even little sacrifices to God but Saint Peter said "You are a Royal priesthood, a consecrated nation". Why? When Jesus said "it is finished" He meant that the salvation of mankind was purchased and that His passion was finished. The suffering of Christ the head of the Church was finished but the suffering of His Mystical Body the Church will continue till the end of time. And we are all called to unite our sufferings to His sufferings so that our sufferings and sacrifices will be acceptable to God the Father

My Greatest miracle!

The greatest miracle in the world for me is me! "I am!" The greatest proof for all of us that God does exist is the fact that we exist! Atheists and skeptics demand miracles as proof that God exists but the greatest miracle for them should be the fact that they exist! Perhaps we should all spend more time contemplating our own existence and we might have a greater attitude of gratitude to God! God does perform miracles to help people believe in Him but the greater the miracles then the more will be expected of us and then the greater would be our guilt if we rejected them. God is not incapable of proving to the world that He exists but the greatest proof of all is the fact that we exist! As Shakespeare wrote "Nothing comes from nothing!".

Trust and distrust

How painful it is when people don't trust you! How painful it is when you know yourself that you are trustworthy but others suspect you as being untrue or even worse. Imagine a loving father whose child is drowning in the ocean and the father comes in a helicopter and throws him down a rope with a harness for him to simply slip over his head and shoulders but the child rejects it because he does not trust the father. What more can the father do? He could jump into the water Himself and save him but what if the child still rejects His help! Then there is nothing more the Father can do until the child decides to trust Him. And that is what God has done for all of us! He was not content with just pulling us up to Heaven, He decided to descend down to us and suffer so that He could save us but for many that was not enough.

Prayer and Fire!

I was thinking about our prayerlife and it just reminded me of Fire! Fire needs 3 things to exist, Fuel, High temperature and Oxygen. Our prayerlife needs the fuel of knowledge which we get from reading scriptures and other spiritual books but especially the Passion of Jesus, We need the high temperature of having our thoughts fixed on Heavenly things and we need to breathe the Oxygen of the Holy Spirit to help us understand and contemplate the love God has for us.

The king has donkeys ears and confession!

When i was a kid i read a childrens story about a king who always wore a hat because he had donkeys ears and each year a barber was chosen to cut his hair but then he had to be executed because he would know the kings secret. But one time the barber begged for his life and the king had mercy on him. But the barber had to tell someone his secret so one day he whispered the secret into the bark of a tree and felt very relieved afterwards. But a long time later a fiddle player cut down the tree and made a beautiful fiddle which he used to play music for the king and all his subjects on his birthday but as he was playing the fiddle sang out "The king has donkeys ears, the king has donkeys ears!". The king felt a bit of an ass! but then he took off his hat and was relieved of his great secret.
This story reminds me of the Sacrament of Confession where we can go and confess our sins and be relieved of their burden. We can be relieved of any cover-ups we have been using. Sometimes our sins can surface in strange ways! Sometimes in little or big paranoias we develop. I heard a Priest say one day that if we keep denying our conscience it can be like an old dog that is constantly told to shut up! One day eventually it could get up and howl and howl and howl and never stop!
Saint John Vianney once said about himself that if God could get Samson to slay thousands of Philistines with just the jawbone of an ass what great things then God might do with him because he was a complete ass!

Jesus the Magnanimous!

We should be overwhelmed when we think of the generosity of Jesus. We should be overwhelmed when we think about the fact that we even exist! that each of us is a unique invention of God. We should be overwhelmed when we realise that not only did He invent each one of us He also took upon Himself the great burden of redeeming us so that in His magnanimity He could bestow the gift of eternal existence on us. What great rewards we are promised in Heaven and we cannot ever do anything to even deserve one second in Heaven. Eternal existence! the friendship and companionship of the Lord of infinite majesty. Not only His friendship but His infinite Love! His infinite Beauty and stupendous generosity!
(I do not like using big words but they were the only ones that come near expressing His greatness.)

Venial and deadly sins and the heart of the matter!

There are some sins which we call venial sins and then there are those other sins which Saint John said are more serious and which we call Mortal sins because they would condemn our souls forever unless we made true repentance. But perhaps the most common way people fall into a state of mortal sin is by a gradual process of persisting in venial sin. Catholics tend to think of mortal sins or any sin as something that you do rather than realising it is the state of our heart first before it becomes an action. If for example somebody dislikes his brother and as time goes on he wallows more and more in that feeling, then very soon before he realises it he is in a state of hatred and therefore in a state of mortal sin and eventually he will want to kill his brother. It would be the hatred in his heart that put him into the state of mortal sin long before he ended up committing the sin of killing his brother. The act of murder was only the fruit of his hatred but the hatred in his heart is the root. Many of us tend to judge our sins as the bad things we do rather than the badness in our heart and so we are free from serious sin just because we have not actually committed the bad desires in our hearts. A man might refrain from murder or theft or any other serious sin just because he does not want to be caught but in his heart he could already be a murderer or thief etc. A totally deaf, dumb, blind and paralysed man could be the most evil person in the world! Why? because he could have more hatred, pride, envy etc in his heart than anyone else. That is unlikely to ever happen because people who are disabled usually receive great graces as well but it could happen. The 7 deadly sins : 1) pride, 2) envy, 3) anger (anger can be a form of hatred), 4) sloth, 5) avarice, 6) gluttony and 7) lust are all sins which can put our heart in a state of mortal sin. To combat these developing in our heart we can try to practice the 7 corresponding virtues: 1) Faith, 2) Hope, 3) Love, 4) Justice, 5) Prudence, 6) Fortitude and 7) Temperance. Each virtue combats its corresponding vice or sin. And in order to make us realise the importance of monitoring our heart Jesus said that "any man who looks at a woman with lust in his heart has already committed adultery" and we can say the same about all the other sins as well.

Conversion from one religion to another!

Why is it so hard for people to make the decision to change their religion? I think it is because God is in every religion where people are making sincere prayer to a God of Goodness. So Muslims who pray to the God of Goodness are always heard and Hindus who pray to the God of Goodness are always heard etc. God is not going to be deaf to my prayers just because i am not in the best religion! And being in the best Religion wont make me a better person unless i work at it! Muslims believe more in a God of justice than Christians do. I was told by 3 Algerian Muslims that we should NEVER call God "Father" but instead call Him "Allah". They will get a great surprise in Heaven when they discover that God is more like Santa-h Claus than ALLAH! They have great reverence for God's majesty and Justice but they do not know His Mercy very well! Christians should know His Mercy because God's mercy came to earth 2000 years ago in the Person of Jesus from Nazareth. Genuine Muslims can be very Holy people because they pray 5 times a day and have a great belief in right and wrong but it is a great pity that they do not know God as their "Father" and that they are His children rather than God as their Master and they as His slaves. They are very similar to the Jews of the old Testament. As regards the Jews i think some of Christianity must have seeped into them because they are no longer like their ancestors with very strict laws like stoning people to death for adultery etc. But there must be one religion which has more of the TRUTH about God than the others because there is ONE TRUE GOD. We should all ask God to show us if our Religion has less of the Truth about God than other religions do and if so we should ask God for the courage to convert. Even within Christianity there are people who have horrendous misconceptions about God. There are millions of American Bible Christians who believe that if you are not a Christian you are going to hell! and it does not matter what kind of person you are, whether you are young or old, as long as you don't believe in Jesus you are doomed! So according to them all the Budhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus etc, men, women and children are all set for hell! Their God is worse than Hitler because their God is creating billions of people for hell. But they do not see it that way. Yes it is true that before Jesus went to Heaven He said "those who are baptised will be saved" but He did not say that those who never get a chance to be baptised are doomed! If we reject God before we die we are doomed but if we get a chance to repent of our sins before we die we will be saved no matter what religion we are in. So why become a Catholic? Catholics believe that God came to earth in the Person of Jesus and preached about the LOVE that God the Father has for everyone and that He suffered and died for us so that we can go and live with Him in Heaven for all Eternity! But as well as that we believe that Jesus is truly present in Holy Communion so that we can receive Him into our souls and be strengthened against sin. And we believe that Jesus gave us the Church to help and guide us on our journey through life and from which we can receive great graces in the 7 sacraments (Baptism, Confession, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Sacrament of the sick, Holy Orders (Ordination to the Deaconate and Priesthood) and Matrimony.

Commendations or Condemnations!
To Commend or to Condemn?

It is better to commend bad people for the little bit of goodness that is always in them
than to condemn them for all their badness!
It is easy to be on the condemning and judging side and hard to be on the non-judgemental side. And in this day and age of such powerful media forces as the Newspapers, Television and the Internet it is easy to hop on the bandwagon with a crowd demanding or threatening Justice but it is better to be with the usually smaller crowd pleading for or showing MERCY! Yes some people have done horrendous things but perhaps if we had lived their lives or had to endure their crosses in life we would have done worse things! Perhaps we are doing worse things but we don't recognise it. It can be easy to think we see the faults of others but much easier to totally miss our own faults. "But for the grace of God there go i".
"A spoon of honey is better than a barrell of vinegar" (Saint Francis de Sales)

TV or not TV!
pc or not pc

(Pat and Michael starting work in the office)
Pat: "Gosh Michael you look very tired this morning!"
Michael: "Ah sure I stayed up late till nearly 4 am watching the TV"
Pat: "It must have been something good to keep you up that late!"
Michael: "No, thats just it, there was nothing on really!"
Pat: "What! There must have been something on to keep you sitting in front of
the TV till that hour of the morning!"
Michael: "No, seriously there was nothing on, honest!
I forgot to plug the telly in!"

Television and Computers are great inventions but when we think how much time is spent by people watching them, how many people are addicted to them and how much of the wrong kind of programs are being made and watched on them we realise that TV and the internet are not being used the way God would have wanted them to be. TV and the internet must be the instruments of so much evil in our world today and in the past. Perhaps we could all reduce our time spent in front of them or if we do sit in front of them we should turn them off! Better still if we just used them the way God wants us to use them!


We would all agree that anyone who sat in front of their TV all night without plugging it in would be very stupid! But there are millions of very intelligent people in the world today who are behaving more stupidly than that! They are spending their lives without plugging their soul into God! Many just don't want to believe in God or simply just reject Him and so their soul remains a dark empty vacuum with no light! Perhaps we can unplug our TV or pc and plug into God with prayer for the sake of those people who never do that.


Imagine if you were an innocent person on death row accused of murder and your last appeal before the Judge was on and imagine your horror if the Judge asked you "What is truth?"
If anyone should know what truth is a judge should!
The whole idea of a Judge is that they have to find out the Truth!
Finding the truth is their job!
Their duty is to try to find out if you are guilty or not!
So immagine your Judge asking you "What is truth?"!
It would be like a Pilot asking one of his passengers before they got on the plane, "Is this an airplane?"
Or like a just qualified heart surgeon asking his patient before his heart transplant operation "By the way, What does a heart look like?"!
When Jesus was on trial Pilate asked Him "What is truth?"
Pilate did not know that the man standing in front of him was the Truth in Person
and He is the judge of all mankind but He wants to treat us all with MERCY.
When we tell lies we are usually lying to ourselves first!
We usually tell ourselves we are doing nothing wrong
We said nothing wrong, very often our actions or inactions are our lies
We tend to judge our own actions in a very simplistic way
Often we judge ourselves in the same way children would!
When we try to give people a good impression
When we have ulterior motives for doing good deeds
When we put on a false front in the presence of people we esteem
When we say "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" in the Our Father prayer
but we are not trying to do God's will ourselves every day!
There are thousands of different ways in which we can lie without ever opening our mouth!
We should try to get in under our layers of self deception
We live today in a Pontius Pilate age!
What is truth? What is the truth about abortion?
What is the truth about atheism, most public atheists are anti-theists
They do not want to believe in God, they are anti-belief in God but say they are atheists.
There is so much proof of God in the world that anyone who opens the door to Him will find Him
Jesus standing before Pilate after being crowned with thorns and scourged is the Truth
He reveals the truth about our cruelty and the truth about His patience and mercy because
He did not retaliate or take vengeance on them. In one thought He could have instantly set them all on fire but as Fr Gervaeus Corcoran said "We try to act like God but Jesus came on earth to show us how to be human" and by showing us how to be human He was really showing us how to be Godlike because that is our eternal destiny!

Billy Joel: Honesty


As we said before "I am" are the most profound two words we can say about ourselves but hopefully for all eternity we will be able to say "I am in Heaven" What an incredible reality that will be! We will never have to leave that place which will be full of Bliss, Joy, Love, Music, and silence! For all eternity we will want to praise and thank Jesus first of all for the incredible gift of our own existence and then for the gift of eternity. We will want to dance and sing and shout and jump and clap and hug and laugh and cry with JOY! We might spend the first thousand years in shock! utterly dumbfounded by the reality of it all! Some people might find this hard to take in but this is our Faith this is what our belief and experience of God assures us that one day we will enter our eternal reality and home! We can pray more for a greater faith and stronger belief in God. Ask God to strengthen your Faith and belief in Him and He will answer your prayer. We can pray for more Hope as well so that the trials and tribulations of this life never let us lose sight of our eternal destiny. When we have God in our lives then nothing in this life should worry us! The greatest embarrassment or humiliation (deserved or undeserved) is nothing if we can still get to Heaven! Our pride can be a great barrier to Heaven! Being unable to blame ourselves for our mistakes can be dangerous! God does not ever want to humiliate us but He cannot forgive us if we refuse to admit our sins! It is good to try and practice being humble and self effacing. We make mistakes and we will continue to make them till the day we die but we should keep on confessing our faults and try to stop repeating them but when we do wrong we should always have the courage to admit them and start again. Years ago i was the Number 1 loser in our tennis club for about 6 or 7 years. Old men could beat me because i took winning so seriously! When i lost a match i used to condemn myself for ages afterwards and hope that i would win the next match but at the next match i would be so tensed up and anxious to win that i would play worse than a beginner and lose again. I used to curse and swear at myself out loud! It was disgraceful! Winning at tennis was my God and it wasn't working out very well! Whenever we make something into a false God we are heading for trouble. It was as if there was two persons in me! the winner and the loser, and the winner hated the loser! my EGO hated my failures. If i did not give up tennis i could have become a schizophrenic! It was very difficult for me to accept my failures and it is very difficult in general for us to admit our guilt. If we make worldly success or good looks or anything at all into God they will let us down. If the world economy sinks there will be a big increase in the number of suicides because many people put all their hope into worldly things and when they collapse they probably will not turn to the real God who will never let us down. He is the only one who can be trusted and He will help us to put things in perspective. Our pride prevents us from being true and honest about ourselves and we can become more proud the more we fail instead of becoming more humble. But if we want to get to heaven we have to be able to be honest and accept that we have done wrong and be able to tell God we are sorry. Getting to Heaven depends on our ability to be able to admit our failures but God wont humiliate us over our sins, He just wants to forgive and forget them. Nothing in this life is worth losing our eternal reward of Heaven for.


One day when Jesus was walking with all the Apostles following behind Him they passed by a large rain puddle on their right hand side, Thomas called out to Peter who was behind him,
"Hey Simon!"
"Yes Thomas!" replied Peter
Then Thomas pointing to the puddle they were just passing said with a shout "There's a safe little puddle of water for you to practice your walking on water! practice Simon, practice and don't sink like a ROCK again this time!!
Peter replied "Very funny Thomas, I didn't see you jumping out of the boat that night!"
"I don't think I was there that time!" said Thomas
Peter "Yea Thomas the usual excuse, that excuse will make you famous some day!"
Thomas "Just mind the stones at the bottom of that little puddle Peter!"


Our planet is like an Island deep in the middle of the Universe and when i hear this ABBA song i always imagine that God the Father would like to sing this song to the world from Heaven! He is the Good Shepherd and if only we were all His sheep!

We'd better weed better!

The Gospel one Sunday was the parable Jesus told about the man who sowed a field of good seed but at night some enemy came and sowed some darnel or weeds in with the good seed and they grow up and look very like the good seed but they are worthless weeds. Jesus said that the weeds are people who reject God and do not follow Him but they can also represent the weeds in our own hearts. In our heart we have virtues and vices and the two of them try to grow and take over our hearts but it is up to us to weed out the vices and to try and be virtuous. Recently i heard a homily that fr Emmet O Hara gave in which he said an old Indian master told his disciple that in the heart of every man there are two wolves, one is good and the other is bad and they both fight to take over our heart until the day we die! And the disciple asked the Master which wolf usually wins? and the Master replied "The one you feed most!" These two wolves can symbolise our vices and virtues and it is often in fighting each other that the wolves get stronger. So when we are tempted to sin it is an oppurtunity to be more virtuous and to keep weeding out our vices!

Good Idea! Good Idea! Good Idea!

Our Lord said "Child! I had a great idea!"
"What was it Lord? Tell us, what was it?"
"Guess Child! Guess!"
"I haven't a clue Lord! Give us a clue!"
"Think Child, Think! Its very near you Child, very near you indeed!"
"You always have great ideas Lord! Ok Lord I'm thinking......when did you have this idea Lord?"
"In the very beginning Child! in the very beginning!"
"Gosh Lord!...and your only telling me now Lord!.....No luck with me Lord! I give up guessing Lord, please tell me your great idea Lord!"
"Its you child! its YOU! You are the great idea I had in the beginning!"
"Ah Lord! i don't know about that!"
"And all the people you know are My great inventions too!"
"Well maybe not all of them Lord? maybe You were having a bad day when you thought of some of them Lord?"
"NO! NO! NO! Child! All of them are My great ideas or My great inventions! and I want you to start treating all of them like that! So from today start letting everyone know by the way you treat them and even by telling them that You think they are one of My great ideas!"
"Ok Lord i will try!"

Fatima, Pope John Paul II and Medjugorje?

In the third secret of Fatima Our Lady showed the children a Pope carrying a Cross and climbing to the top of a hill with a Cross on it and when he got there to the Cross on the top he knelt down and was shot and then amny other people started climbing the hill as well. Is it a coincidence that Pope John Paul II was shot on the 13th of May 1981 (Anniversary of first apparition of Our Lady in Fatima) and that 7 weeks later on the 24th of June (feast of Saint John the Baptist) 6 children in Medjugorje claimed that Our Lady had appeared to them at the foot of the hill there with the Cross on it? I have only been to Medjugorje once back in 1997 and i found it to be a really peaceful and spiritual place but we were told by our guide that the big concrete Cross on top of the hill (Mountain would be more accurate because of its height and steepness) was built by the parishioners back in 1933 to celebrate the 19th centenary of the death of Jesus on Calvary. The Parish Priest at the time had been sent to the Pope in Rome to ask his permission to build the big Cross and the Pope told him he had a dream the night before in which he saw a big Cross giving light to the whole world and so he gave the Priest a relic of the True Cross of Jesus to put into the Cross on top of the hill. The parishioners of the parish carried all the concrete in 1933 for the Cross up the hill in buckets! Since 1981 a several million people have gone to Medjugorje to climb the hill and have learned to carry their own crosses in life.


It is not the computer browsers that cause the problems! Its the two browsers under the eye brows that cause the problems. If we learn to mortify those browsers we wont have problems with computer browsers!

Jesus and Superman

Saviour of the Universe

Jesus walked on water but He could just have easily walked on air! or even under the water without getting wet or through the water or moved without walking or flew through the air like Superman at the speed of light around the planet! He could have flown to the moon and back as the disciples were watching! Actually His ascension into Heaven was a bit like that! He really was and is a Superman! Superman is that invincible hero of children but Jesus is the real invincible hero of mankind! Nothing can destroy Jesus, atomic bombs or nuclear bombs are nothing to Him! It was He who put that incredible energy into atoms in the first place! Superman had that heart shaped S on his chest but for Jesus that S over His Heart would mean SAVIOUR because His Heart burns with so much love for mankind that He decided to save us Himself! He is the Saviour of the Universe and He became just like a man with a man's courage in order to save us. The Superman story for children is like what God actually did in reality. Superman in the movie worked as the clumsy journalist Clark Kent but Jesus really worked as the no–body carpenter in Nazareth. Jesus saved all mankind by His humble death on the cross. He accepted a mortal death and suffering for our sake so that He could save our souls. We should often reflect on who Jesus really is and trust Him because with Him on our side who can be against us?

"I AM"

"I am" is the most incredible two words we can ever say or even just the word "I" itself is the most incredible word we can say. That one little word represents my whole person and everything about me. God invented each and everyone of us and gave us the incredible gift of being able to say or think this amazing little word "I". But God is the only person who exists eternally and only He can say "I AM" without being indebted to someone else. We could say that God's most appropriate name is "I Am" or simply just "I". When i hear the words of this song "I am I said" i always think of it as "I am! God said" (... to no one there and no one heard at all not even the chair, I am I (God) cried, I am said I ( said God!). God told Moses that His name is "I Am WHO I AM" So when i hear this Neil Diamond song i always imagine that it is like God singing "I AM" through the universe to His creatures and asking them to come back to Him and one of His creatures saying "I am lost" Hopefully all of us will be like frogs turned into kings or Queens one day when we enter Heaven.

ABBA Father "Thank you for the MUSIC!"

The pop group ABBA were one of the most famous groups ever and they produced some great music. I can't help think though that their song "Thank you for the music" is addressed to God! When i listen to it i can only imagine that they are singing to God! I like to think that God inspired the group with some great music because they chose the name "ABBA" for themselves. Actually i think that the fact that their four names produced the four letters "ABBA" was planned by God long long ago.

"To Be or not to be, that is the question"

This is a famous Shakespeare quote but i think it has profound meaning. I think the reality of this question will only hit us when we die. When we die we will fully believe and understand that we are immortal and that God is real. We will no longer be able to say "God does not exist" because we will be in His presence. Now the thing is where have we chosen to spend our eternity? If we have rejected God and His commandments then in all fairness He should reject us which would mean that He should totally end our existence but that would be so horrendous that He would never want to do that to us! The most profound two words that we can say in life are "I am" and the most terrible two words would be "I am not" Every day we really should stop and thank God for our existence. Many people go through life saying "God don't exist" but if God said that about any of us we would instantly disappear! God in His mercy created hell so that we can still exist if we have rejected Him but we must satisfy His justice for the evil we have done. The greatest suffering in hell is not the suffering for our sins but the horrendous suffering we would experience for having cut ourselves off from the God who is INFINITE LOVE. HE is the only source of love and goodness in existence. Someone might ask "why does God not create a place where we can live in happiness by ourselves away from Him for eternity? But God is the source of all happiness, Love, Joy, Fun, Peace, Beauty and Music. Nothing good at all and no happiness exists away from or outside of Him. The happiness we have between us comes from Him! If we reject God then we are also rejecting everything that is good. Creating hell was a great act of God's Mercy! He would rather not punish anyone at all never mind punishing people for eternity but His mercy compelled Him to create a place for those who reject Him and His justice demands that they should make satisfaction to him for the evil they have done. Because they have totally rejected Him and he is Goodness and Love He created hell where they can still exist but where there is no goodness or love.


One day i was thinking about what Heaven is really like! and i started to try to imagine a fabulous place full of fabulous looking young people, Angels, colours, scenery and MUSIC! And i thought to myself that maybe it is like a Pop Concert where eveyone is gathered all around a central stage like in a Theatre and God is singing and the Angels playing classical music! I thought then that maybe all the people there are like hysterical crying teenagers at Pop Concerts with their hands reaching out through the security barriers to try and touch God! Then i realised there would be no barriers like that in Heaven and no one could be hysterical there because Heaven itself means a place where we would have perfect fulfillment and freedom. I imagined then a countless number of people with their feet firmly on the ground and their hands and arms raised straight up as they swayed in perfect unison to Heavenly Music something like an immense field of Corn swaying in the breeze (I remember seeing a painting similar to this by Sal Solo (former English pop star). I imagined that God on His throne was completely covered by a mass of playing children! I imagined souls somersaulting up through the air in ecstasy like water out of a fountain. And i kept on trying to imagine a more and more beautiful place and then i stopped and said to myself that maybe i am over doing it! Then i thought maybe not because i remembered that Saint Paul said that "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard nor has it entered the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him" (1 Corinthians 2 : 9) But still i had doubts and thought that Heaven could not be as good as i was beginning to imagine it and i took up my breviary and the page accidently opened on "Eye has not seen and ear has not heard nor has it entered the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him"!

WWW and Jesus the Word of God

WWW is the World Wide Web but it can remind us that the Word of God is the Way to Wisdom!

Unity of Christians or any Believers in God

First of all we have to clarify that the devil and his demons are the enemy of all mankind and he still deceives many people with his lies about God. Imagine if there was an army of good soldiers going to battle against an army of evil soldiers. Suppose some of these good soldiers started fighting with some of their fellow comrades because they became jealous of them because they seemed to be defeating more of their enemy than they themselves were! It is crazy when Christians start resenting or become jealous of other Christians because they seem to be defeating more of the enemy. Jealousy is one of the devils best weapons because with jealousy he wins Christians over to his side and so good soldiers become bad soldiers and often within the ranks of the good soldiers! The reason we get jealous is because we are on an ego trip more than we are on a save souls trip! We should naturally rejoice when we see a fellow Christian who is very holy because they are probably saving a lot of souls! But instead we feel jealous and think "Oh they are much better than me, i am no good" Well basically we are no good! Should a man on a Peugeot bicycle compare himself to a woman in a Peugeot car and say "Oh she is going much faster than me!" or should the bicycle compare itself to the car? Surely Mr Peugeot their inventor would be grateful to the bicycle and the car equally if they both did what they were designed to do! and God would give the exact same reward to all of us if we all do our best with what we received from Him. Jesus in His parable of the Talents (See Matthew 25 : 14..) tells us that the man who received the 5 talents received the exact same reward as the man who only received two talents. It is only Christ living in a holy person that helps them to be holy and save souls. By using jealousy the devil makes our spiritual lives become ego races with each other! Our ego can be our nearest and worst enemy! It is the insatiable proud thief within us who wants to steal all the glory and credit that is due to God! It is the voice within us that demands perfection from us but also tells us that we are no good! It is the voice that makes us want to win, win, win! and usually at the expense of putting others down. It pretends to want to raise us up only by getting us to walk on others. But we are good, we are of INFINITE value because the INFINITE One made us and loves us all equally. Our great dignity comes from the fact the God loves us! and not from one another and when we realise that we wont be getting jealous of each other. Our ego is the one that tells us that God did a bad job when He was making us! "If only I was him or her" but God is saying "Child if only, if only YOU were you!" In extreme cases we can let our ego divide us in two with it enthroned in our mind sometimes condemning us to pieces or at others wrongly clapping us on the back as great fellows! If only there were thousands of Padre Pios and Mother Teresas in the world! When we feel jealous of fellow Christians we should stop and thank God that that Christian is saving many souls. Christianity or indeed any religion where people are praying for the salvation of others is not about competition! We should root out competitiveness out of our hearts. Sometimes we should deliberately play to lose! Jesus was the greatest victim that ever lived but He then became the Greatest Victor so that we could FOREVER LIVE! We are all in this together trying to serve God and each other.

Fatima and the possible meaning of the miracle of the Sun

Our lady told the children that the World War 1 would end but that there would be another and more terrible one if people did not change, and of course people did not change they only got worse so God allowed the World War 2. But our lady did not say there would be a World War 3, but she did promise that there would be a great miracle on the 13th of October 1917. 70,000 people turned up to see if there would be a miracle and as we know there was the great miracle of the Sun which the 70,000 people saw (See this page on Fatima). Perhaps the great Miracle of the Sun which the 70,000 people saw was a prophecy of a future World Wide Warning to mankind from God? In the Bible the number 7 symbolises completeness (The Bible tells us God completed Creation and His Rest in 7 days and Jesus' miracle of the 7 loaves for the 4,000 showed that His "Bread" was for everyone on the 4 directions (North, South etc) of the whole world) 70,000 people might symbolise all mankind, the people had been walking around in mud which might symbolise mankind stuck in our sins, the Sun plumetting towards earth (3 times) perhaps shows that one day the Trinity is going to enlighten all mankind. This enlightenment would be a purification which perhaps was symbolised by the people and the ground being miraculously dried up during the miracle. Unfortunately if this does actually happen some people will not repent. Our freewill can throw us into hell. God says in the Bible that He " will pour out His Spirit on all mankind and that young men will have visions and old men will dream dreams". In the 3rd Secret of Fatima the children saw "at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: "something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it a Bishop dressed in white, we had the impression that it was the Holy father". So hopefully one day God will flood the earth with the "immense Light" of the Holy Spirit and all of us will see the state of our souls as if in "a mirror" given to us by God. Our Lady said at Fatima that "In the end my Heart will triumph". This tremendous gift for mankind if it happens will be obtained through her intercession with her Divine Son Jesus and it will crush the head of satan in the world.

Whats in a name? KAROL or Karl!

Two men who had a very big effect on the modern world both had the same name! Karl Marx and Karol Wojtyła, the first one wrote about Communism and the second one who became Pope John Paull II helped to bring about its downfall in Europe. Communism would be lovely if it was voluntary and if had belief and love of God and neighbour as the motive for the equality of all people. Unfortunately it is just dictatorship.

James Bond

What would James Bond say to Jesus when he dies? Maybe something like "Hello, I don't think we have met before, my name is Bond, James Bond" and Jesus might say "Unfortunately James we met hundreds of times during your life but you never stopped to help me or even to just say hello or even recognise me as a person, you were too busy saving the world you forgot to save yourself! You see James, my name was Bond, Vagabond!"

Ruthless or Rootless!

Don't be Ruthless to the Rootless! Stop and say hello to them, the worst thing to do is just to ignore them, ask them their name and what their problems are, refer them to some available help. Remember Jesus will come at the end of time to judge us on how we treated Him in them! See the Gospel of Matthew chapter 25 "When I was hungry you gave Me food, when I was naked you clothed Me" but we could add "When I was lonely you stopped to talk to Me!"

Get your Wings!

I would rather be Feathered like the Angels in Heaven
than fettered like the demons in hell.


If God did not exist then parents should never allow their children to read fairytales or believe in Santa Claus or to have any contact with supernatural stories or beliefs! That would only increase their hope when they get older for immortality or eternal Life and if God did not exist that would be a terrible lie. About six or seven years ago a friend of ours woke up in the middle of the night with a terribly depressing feeling, he never suffered from depression before or after that night but his sense of bleakness was so desperate that he begged God to let him go back to sleep. It was as if it was a bleak horrible winter all around the world, nothing and no one in the universe meant anything or had any value. Everything was garbage. Nobody and no money would have rid him of the horrible feelings he was feeling, he felt as if he was the only person on the planet or in existence and it was a bleak and lonely feeling. He does not think he would have been able to live with the bleak feeling he was enduring. It was probably something like being in hell. Thank God he fell asleep again and has never had that experience since and never wants to have it again! He thinks that what he experienced was something like what reality would have been like if God did not really exist.

2 Types of Atheists (quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen) and the reason why people believe in God

There are two types of Atheist! There are atheists of the "Intellect" and atheists of the "Will", atheists of the Intellect are people who genuinely find it hard to believe that God exists but atheists of the Will are people who reject God, they want to believe that God does not exist, they often hate God and usually promote their atheism. Common sense tells us that everyone should want to believe in God because that would mean the chance of immorTality but many reject this immorTality for the sake of immorality! That T could remind us of the Cross of Jesus because on the Cross He paid the price for the immorality of all mankind and bought for us immorTality! Most of the people in the world believe in God, whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Seikh, Budhist? etc so why do we believe? Are we all deluding ourselves? That is what some atheists claim! The reason that we all believe in God is because we have had an experience of God! Yes, God has proven Himself to us in some way or another, maybe God has answered our prayers or we have experienced His presence in our lives. Most of us are in a relationship with God so we don't need any more proof of His existence! now we are on the long journey of getting to know God. We cannot prove that God exists to an atheist but neither can anyone disprove our experience of God.

Jesus as High Priest of Israel

If Jesus had been accepted by the Jewish leaders and made High Priest of the Jewish Nation what would have happened? Well, He would have been delighted! He would have taught the Jewish leaders all about the New Sacrifice and New Covenant and the Church. He probably would have instituted the Last Supper and told all His followers that the next day He was going to suffer death in some other way but that He would rise on the Third Day and they would see Him again. He could have allowed Himself to suffer by the Romans or perhaps by Barabbas or a wild animal or He could even have given the devils power to attack Him.

Bible Humour!

Is there humour in the Bible? I think there is humour in the Old and New Testaments. When Moses came down from the mountain after he received the 10 commandments and the Jews had made a Molten Calf to worship, God seems to disown His people when He says to Moses "Go down now for your people whom you brought out of Egypt have apostasised" but Moses tries to pacify God and says to Him "But why should your anger blaze at Your people whom You brought out of Eygpt" ! God disowns them and Moses tries to get Him to take them back. It is a sort of "They are not mine they are yours" "No no they are not mine they are Yours" ( See Exodus 32: 7 and 11 !). "Your people" "no! they are your people" "You brought them out!" "No No! You did!" Of course the idolatry of the people was no joke but perhaps God did try to soften His great anger with humour. In the New Testament there is the incident of Jesus walking on the water and His disciples are terrified in the boat. St Mark (6 : 48 ) tells us that Jesus made as if to walk on by them! It is funny to try and imagine Jesus giving them a big wave as He passed by them saying something like "See you all at My Mother's house later!" Jesus must have had great fun with His disciples as He could see their amazement and bewilderment at the things He did and said. It is easy to imagine that Peter and the rest had some perplexing private discussions behind His back about Him! "Who is this guy! Did He just walk across the lake? Are we all mad! or Peter saying "Did i just walk on the water as well! God i could have drowned! Is He posessed or are we posessed! Somebody please hit me to make sure i am not imagining all this! Am i losing it? Is my name Peter? etc etc!

Mary and her other children!

Jesus was a Sinless Virgin all His life and Mary His mother was too. Mary had the Creator of the Universe in her womb for nine months and then He was a member of her family for 33 years! She fed Him, listened to Him, talked to Him, contemplated Him, clothed Him, prayed with Him and to Him, rejoiced with Him and suffered with Him. She heard the Angel Gabriel tell her that "He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David, He will rule over the House of Jacob for ever and of His reign there will be no end" So Mary was told that her Son is a Divine Eternal Person who is Son of the Most High God! Mary's whole life and thought from then must have been one of service to her Divine Son, she must have thought about Him every moment of her life after that and wanted to bring everyone to Him. No doubt Mary would have liked to have other children but only so that she could bring them to Him and then how would they be able to accept and keep the most incredible and greatest secret in the universe! their older brother was actually their God! And what if they sinned against Him or sinned at all? How would they be able to forgive themselves? She would have had to tell them who He was, their brother was their Creator God! So perhaps that is why God did not want her to have other children but at the foot of the Cross Mary got all the children she yearned for when Jesus gave all the children and people of the world to her as He told St John " Son, behold your Mother, Woman behold your son" (See St John's Gospel 19: 25 to 27)


GOD gives Mankind 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and after that then He gives us eternity but yet Mankind has no time for God. God gives us Eternal Time but we have no time for God

God's Existence

If God did not exist then Man would be the most unfortunate creature on the planet because he would be the only ANIMAL (If man has no soul he is just an intelligent animal) who could dream of eternal life but yet know he would never have it, the other "animals" because of their small inteligence don't know what they are missing!
If God did not exist then Man has evolved too much!

New Commandment

Jesus gave us a New Commandment: "Love your enemies"


God created the Universe so long ago in order to help us to understand how old He is!
He created the Universe so Big in order to help us to understand how big He is!

Sacred Heart of Jesus

When you love someone and they do not want to believe that you love them it causes you a lot of pain in your heart it is the same with Jesus, his Heart burns with infinite love for each of us and so many reject His love or do not believe He loves us and so His Heart is pierced with a painful crown of thorns.

Inventor and inventions

How can an invention be so foolish that it rejects it's Inventor! People who deny that God exists are like that.

"Head on the block" and Great Mercy

It is a great act of Mercy when God allows your worst enemy to fall into your power (As if they put their head on the execution block and you can chop!) but you refuse to take vengeance, "Vengeance is Mine" said God in (Deuteronomy 32:35) so let God deal with your enemies but you can pray and hope that they will repent themselves so that God will not have to punish them. A great example of this is when David was being persecuted and on the run from King Saul and one day God put a deep sleep on Saul's camp which allowed David and some of his men to enter Saul's tent as he was asleep and rob his spear and leave safely. One of David's men had urged David to kill Saul because he said God had put him in his power but David being a man of Mercy realised that God put Saul in his power for David to have Mercy on him as God had Mercy on David every day of his life. God has mercy on each of us everyday by not punishing us for our sins and for forgiving us when we repent of our sins! so we should always be merciful to others. In a sense God has all the demons that exist in His power or on His "block" and He could at any time "chop" them out of existence! That is probably why satan and all the demons have a dreadful fear of God.

Safer to believe in God or not?

A friend named Debbie from Boston told us that her father always told her when we die that it is safer to have believed in God and so to have been a good person than not to have believed in God and been a bad person only to realise too late that God does really exist!

Pennies from heaven!

Most people will pick up a lost coin from the ground but at every moment of our lives we can simply pick up priceless graces from Heaven for ourselves or others by simply praying! we can pick up and save souls that were destined to be lost by simply praying.

Endeavour and Persevere

"Endeavour, for ever and ever and ever endeavour!"
"It is better to be persevering than to be a severe person!

Food poison and Fire hazards

We are all careful not to get food poison and we take precautions to prevent fires but we are not so careful about the spiritual food poisons of the Seven deadly sins of Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth.
Our hearts can be on Fire with hatred or with Love and we can receive all of these things from our friends! We should be careful of the type of friends we have and our children have because friends can have a great good or bad invisible influence on us.

Human evil necessary?

Human evil is never necessary, God did not need the Pharisees or chief priests to kill Jesus, Jesus could have suffered from some wild animal or some disease or even have allowed some demons to attack Him and also only one drop of His blood was necessary to save ALL mankind!

"Bright Eyes" song (Art Garfunkel) and Jesus lying dead in the arms of Mary at the foot of the Cross

"Bright eyes, burning like fire
Bright eyes, how can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly,
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes

Fortune tellers and mediums

A friend went to a Fortune teller and she was told some truth and some lies
She was told that she would marry someone with a different name than her boyfriend and the breakup of the two of them afterwards nearly ended in suicide so who said they are harmless?

"Father Christmas"

Christmas Day is approaching but please remember that Our Heavenly Father is the real Father Christmas and the evergreen Christmas Tree with the Presents underneath is a symbol of the Tree of Jesus' Cross which gives us the Incredible present of Eternal Life. Santa Claus is the big fat guy who can squeeze himself down the chimney in order to give children their presents God is more amazing because He is the Infinite Being who squeezed Himself down the Chimney of the Incarnation over 2000 years ago when He became the man Jesus of Nazareth in order to give us the stupendous present of Eternal Life.

The green Christmas wreath or "Bough of Holly" symbolises our hope for the unfading wreath of Eternal Life. Millions of houses will have Christmas Trees this year but how many people actually realise what the evergreen Christmas Tree means? The Evergreen Christmas Tree represents the Tree of Life! The Cross that Jesus died on is the Tree of Life for us because on the Cross Jesus saved us and won Eternal Life for us. Why not put a Crucifix on your tree this year to remind yourself and your kids that Christmas is all about Jesus and God our Heavenly Father Christmas! Santa Claus is nothing compared to our Heavenly Father Christmas! All the presents under the Christmas Tree are nothing compared to the Present of Eternal Life in our Heavenly Winter Wonderland which Jesus bought for us on the Tree of the Cross on Good Friday! Santa Claus is nothing compared to the Reality of God!


The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is like David's five stone sling but which he with one stone used to slay Goliath but which we can use to slow down the Goliath of God's terrible Justice for the world!

"God's Presence"

If God decided to leave Heaven and to forever live in hell then Heaven would become hell and hell would become Heaven!

"The Good Samaritan and Peer pressure"

(See the Gospel of Luke (10:25–37) We could pretend that the Good Samaritan was actually a bad Samaritan who was originally a member of the same group of brigands who beat up the Jew but he was delayed that day and when he found the Jew his friends had just badly beaten up he had a change of heart and decided change his life. He left the injured Jew in the Inn and went off to catch up with his former friends to challenge them to change their lives also. It is not easy to disagree with our peers and those we allow to bully us. Bullies never want anyone to disagree with them but Christians have to be strong but also humble. We have to be careful not to allow our "friends" to bully us into bad behaviour. Hitler bullied a whole nation into worshipping him and denying the truth.


Death is the meaning of life
But Eternal Life is the meaning of death

Death Row

Some people think Planet Earth is "Death Row" for all Mankind
and that God is a big executioner
but instead the Earth should be our "Waiting Room" for Eternal Bliss! God is our Heavenly "Father Christmas"

"Jesus I trust in You"

Why "Trust"? Perhaps it is because most people do not even "like" the people that they do not "Trust" so how can they "Love" God if they do not yet even "Like" Him. A lot of people do not trust God, especially when tragedies or problems enter their lives, we fear and do not trust God because He holds our future in His hands. Trust is a great friendship builder. Trust always in the Goodness of God.

Most Embarassing day and Responsibility

The Day we die might be the Most embarassing day of our lives because we might see Jesus face to Face and see all His Love and suffering for us on Calvary. He might show us a multitude of lost souls for who He had given us the graces necessary to save them but we failed because of our sinful nature. We will be glad to only have to go to Purgatory!

St Francis of Assisi Prayer for ourselves

LORD, Make me an instrument of Your Peace
Where there is hatred in my heart, Please Sow LOVE
Where there is injury in my heart, Please Sow pardon
Where there is doubt in my heart, Please Sow Faith
Where there is despair in my heart, Please Sow Hope
Where there is darkness in my heart, Please Sow LIGHT
Where there is sadness in my heart, Please Sow JOY

Oh Divine Master
Grant that I may never seek
to be consoled as to Console
to be understood as to understand
to be loved as to Love
It is in giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
and it is in dying that we are Born to eternal life.


"Actions speak louder than words". All our actions should speak words of Love and never of hatred. All our actions, even small actions should be words of Love to God

"Too Clever"

Hey! Don't let your Great Intelligence prevent you believing in GOD!

"Funny thing"

Don't take Life too seriously! because one serious day You will be taken from life! Love God and your neighbour (Relationships) is one of the most important things in Life

2 Verbs, To be and To do.

It is not what we do for God that is important
But what we are is what is important to Him. We are Human beings before we can become Human doings! Yes, we must do work but first we must be good people. "Good works" by a bad person is evil work. poor or bad work by a good person can be Good work. Our heart is the Tree and our actions are the fruit. Good trees then good fruit but bad trees never good fruit

"Do not take and do not eat" becomes "Take and eat"

Before the Fall Adam was told by God not to eat His fruit on the Tree and later after God had created Eve Adam must have told her not to Eat the fruit from the Tree. But in the redemption God asked Jesus the New Adam to give God's Divine Fruit (Himself the Son of God) to be eaten. Jesus the New Adam then asked the Church which is the New Eve to "Take and eat" God's Divine Fruit which is Himself present in the Blessed Sacrament.


We all want to sit at the "Right Hand of Power" but unfortunately it is worldy power we want. Nobody wants to sit on the right hand of Jesus in this life which means being Powerless. By wanting power we are worshipping satan because all the kingdoms (Big and tiny office ones!) of the world are his. " Worship me and i will give you all these kingdoms" but if we want to be kings we are worshipping satan already.

"You cannot make a Silk Purse from a Pig's Ear!"

But God can! and God does make great Saints out of great sinners. It glorifies His Mercy when He makes a great person out of a nobody. Some of the greatest Saints were the greatest sinners and some of them were absolute nobodies like King David who from being a shepherd boy became the great King of Israel or Saint Paul who was once Saul the blind persecutor or some of the Apostles who were fishermen or Mary Magdalen from whom Jesus cast out 7 demons. It seems God loves to "Cast the mighty from their thrones and raise the lowly" as Mary said in her Magnificat (Luke 1; 52). It is a fairytale idea like "Cinderella", "The Ugly Duckling!" or even Rudolph the red Nosed Reindeer! but God is a real Fairytale Being and one Day the story of saved Humankind will end with "And they all lived Happy forever after in Heaven."

"Poor God"

Long before Creation God must have looked forward to the time when He would make creatures (Angels and Humans) who would be free to Love Him or reject Him. He probably did not think that even one of them would reject Him. How disappointed He must be with us, if we deny or reject God we are like an apple that cuts itself off from the Tree that is holding it up. How foolish it is to chose some short earthly pleasure (Money, Sex, Power, etc) instead of Eternal Bliss in Heaven.

Weight Problems!

If we are not "Pulling our Weight" or if we are "Pushing our Weight around" we have bigger problems than if we are "Overweight" or "Underweight"! Lazy people start pushing their weight around when they are tired of pulling their weight!

"So Busy!"

"Lord! I Have so many things to do today!"
"Child, do you want Me to give you this day so that you can try to do them?"

Songs which may have some good meaning in them!

>We should listen to the songs that are in our heart and mind because they can be inspired by the Holy Spirit or by bad spirits. God is always trying to help us and He often puts a tune in our head for a reason.

The Beatles "Let it be". (The words the Virgin Mary replied to Gabriel - Fr Peyton the Rosary priest)

John Lennon "Woman" (The Virgin Mary who is the New Eve, John Lennon died on the 8th of December which is the Feast day of Mary's Immaculate Conception)

ELO (the Electric Light Orchestra) "It's a Living thing" Nice anti abortion song?

ELO "I'm Alive" (I exist! the Mercy of God)

Olivia Newton John "Magic" (God is real Magic.)

Queen "Flash" (Jesus is the real Saviour of the Universe )

Brian Adams "Everything I do" for Jesus through Mary

Boney M "O my Lord" The chorus from "Mary's Boy Child" has many profound words.

M people "Search for the Hero inside yourself "

Music may speak words from Heaven or from hell or both.

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