Does God predestine some people for Heaven or hell?

Some people believe in Predestination, they believe that God chooses some people for Salvation and does not choose others. They believe He leaves them to lose their eternal soul without trying to call them to salvation.

Is there such a thing as Predestination? Some Christians and especially Bible fundamentalist christians believe that God only chooses some people for salvation and that He does not call all the other people to be saved. They believe that if you are not baptised and have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour that you are destined to go to hell even though you may never have heard of Jesus. It is totally true though that no one can enter Heaven except through the merits of the Passion, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ but they do not need to actually know anything about Jesus for Him to save them. Christians who reject Jesus as their saviour will have to repent of that before they can be saved but those people who do not know Him can be saved by sincere repentance. The Catholic Church believes that God is LOVE and that He has predestined all people for Heaven but unfortunately many many people reject Him. God predestines all of us for Salvation but many reject salvation and end up lost in hell for eternity. God could not predestine anyone for hell and He has not predestined the vast multitude of non Christians who live in the world for hell. If that was the truth then God would have lost control of the world because the majority of the souls that He is creating everyday have little hope of knowing about Jesus and so they would be destined to go to hell. They can save their souls by a sincere act of repentance before they die if they get the oppurtunity to do that. It would of course be so much better if those people accepted Jesus as their Saviour as soon as possible and then helped others to to become Christians too. In that way more people would be on the true road to sanctification and salvation. Unfortunately some Bible Christians believe that once they have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour they can say they are saved but that may not be true because all of us can commit serious sins at any time and we could be finished! Being saved means being in the state of grace which means we have repented of our sins no matter what religion we believe in. As St Paul says in Romans (8 : 24-25) all of us "Hope to be saved" and we cannot count on seeing our salvation until we receive it when we die.

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